Lifespeed Gets First Official Screenshots

"Wee Man Studios has shared the first official screenshots as well as new details about Lifespeed with Nintendo Everything.

For those who haven’t heard of Lifespeed previously, it’s a futuristic flying racing game for 3DS. It’ll come with 11 playable characters, online leaderboards, and a story mode.

Speaking of the story mode, we have new information on that front. We’re told that cut-scenes happen after almost every race, and there’s even a bit of story that plays our during races themselves. The latter is on the subtle-side, so you’ll have to be careful not to miss it. There are also two alternative endings to the comic book storyline. What you’re able to see will depend on your actions on the race track.

Characters in Lifespeed come from different planets, have their own backstory, and personal rivalries. Personalities are reflected in their statistics, style of racing, and their communications during races. Wee Man Studios hopes that, in the future, they can weave in characters not featured in the story currently as well as introduce brand new characters.

Finally, we have some information about Lifespeed’s weapons. Players fly through rings in order to obtain power-ups and weapon pickups. By flying through a multiplier ring, you’ll receive a big speed increase for a short period of time. You also fly through a weapons ring to obtain a weapon, which include lasers, missiles, mines.

Players can only hold one weapon at a time in Lifespeed. Weapons need to be targeted at the enemy and will only work effectively if you get a strong lock on. Wee Man Studios says that using the weapons locking system effectively is something you’ll need to develop in order to be good at battling in Lifespeed.

Oh, and one more tidbit: it’s possible to perform a starfox-esq barrel roll using the shoulder buttons."

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