A Closer Look at Lifespeed, The Futuristic Racing Game Exclusively for New 3DS

"Shortly before E3 I caught sight of an indie game titled Lifespeed which had only revealed a cinematic trailer (shown below).  I quickly tracked down the developer, Wee Man Studios, only to find out they’d be at E3 themselves.  Luckily they agreed to let me try the game and answer some of my questions.

The main gameplay revolves around racing in a tubular like track where you can move side to side or up and down.  The ship accelerates automatically for you removing the need to hold down an accelerator button.  Throughout the track there are also power-ups to take down your foes such as missiles and mines as well as boost rings and obstacles.

While we didn’t get into much detail about the story of the game, Wee Man Studios plans on releasing 3 episodes to the series each continuing the story arc as well as adding new tracks in each episode.  The developer is targeting for each episode to have 8 tracks to race on and eventually add in an online multiplayer mode. I was also assured that there would be different challenge modes for skilled players as well as plenty of shortcuts to discover.

Lifespeed’s first episode will be releasing this fall and will be joining the meager exclusive library of the New 3DS for roughly $5.99.  You can catch a quick glimpse of some raw gameplay footage of the game below which we captured at E3.  Is this an indie title that you’ll be keeping your eye on? Be sure to let us know!"

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