Futuristic Flyer Lifespeed Thrusts Forward With Progress

High-speed futuristic racer Lifespeed from indie developer Wee Man Studios is making steady progress, thrusting forward to its eShop release.

If the thought of having a new sci-fi racer on Nintendo 3DS excites you, Lifespeed might be right up your alley. Wee Man Studios’ CEO and programmer John Owens provided Nintendo News with the latest details for their upcoming title.

Lifespeed will be exclusive for New Nintendo 3DS due to performance reasons,” Owens said. “It’s a much more powerful machine than the original 3DS.”

After years in development, Wee Man Studios finally submitted their game to Nintendo’s LotCheck for approval and processing yesterday — a long-awaited, laborious feat that was met with plenty of emotion and equal celebration.

Owens described Lifespeed as:

“… a futuristic flying racer with an old-school feel. It has a unique combination of elements, flying down tunnels in 3D space while racing against other ships, and fighting with them using pickups that you gain from flying through rings. This combination of elements gives the game a frantic feel that is sure to leave your 3DS sweaty! There is also a comic book storyline. Lifespeed is a race for the survival of your planet where the loser will have their [planet] annihilated. You are a mercenary tasked with protecting the chosen one who, has been prophesied, will bring an end to Lifespeed. There are two possible endings depending on what you do in the final race.”

The idea of Lifespeed evolved from various projects roughly ten years ago before Owens even thought about starting his own company. “To be honest it was way too much work for one man to take on,” he told us. “Until you see it first hand, it’s difficult to comprehend how much goes into making a polished game.”

When Nintendo clears Lifespeed for release, the plan is to launch it simultaneously in North America and Europe for around $6. A Japanese version is planned for a later date. And when Nintendo NX developer kits become “more widely available,” Wee Man studios will be applying for one.

Eleven playable characters, eight different tracks in four worlds, four difficulty levels, and worldwide online leaderboards — just a few of the details racing fans can look forward to when Lifespeed blazes a new trail later this year.

Included below are some new screenshots. A trailer showing off fresh gameplay should be coming in the near future; however, early footage from a demo at E3 2015 is below.

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